We use only the best and most reliable wiper blades to replace your old ones.

At Windshield Solution, we do not think of replacements as the first course of action. In fact, it is kept as the last option, to be considered only when the driver and passengers’ safety is threatened. If the glass has sustained minor damage like a chip or a crack, our team of experts would advocate repair rather than replacement.

That said, we do believe that repair should be carried out sooner rather than later, before the damage spreads further and reaches the extent where you have no other choice but to replace the windshield. Therefore, regardless of how small the damage might appear to your eyes, it’s important to get in touch with our centralized call center, so that corrective measures can be taken immediately.

There are various reasons why repair is a far better option than replacement. To begin with, it’s more convenient. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Wind Shield Solution glass repair was a term that was alien to most automobile professionals. A crack or chip on the windshield solution meant you would have to get it replaced, often at considerable cost.
The Wind Shield Solution has few things in common with the rest of the glass used in your car, and understanding this difference is important for every car owner.
Not only does it affect the appearance of the car, it also distorts the driver’s view of the traffic and road. As a result, it is important to attend to chips and cracks on the windshield as soon as possible.
Keeping their vehicle in good condition, tuning the engine regularly and getting the body work done on time. However, even the most conscientious owner neglects getting windshield solution wipers changed.
Windshield Solution is India’s first and only car glass repair and replacement specialist service centres.

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