Automotive Glass – Windshield Solution

Windshield Solution said, AIS is a sand-to-solutions organisation offering varied types of glass products & services for institutional buyers as well as retail customers, including:

  • Automotive glass products: The various types of glass range from laminated windshields, tempered glass for sidelite and backlite along with value-added glass.
  • Architectural glass products: Annealed glass range includes clear glass& tinted glass and a range of value added solar control & heat-reflective glass, mirrors, frosted & lacquered glass types.
  • Windshield Solution: Windshield Solution is car windscreen repair & replacement in India. It is the preferred destination for discerning customers who want their car windscreen replaced or repaired.
  • Santgovin: Santgovin – one of the leading glass manufacturers in India- brings together an integrated approach and specialised knowledge to glass consultancy, product selection and installation to transform living spaces and commercial spaces.
  • 4G Solutions: A comprehensive bouquet of solutions that includes consultation services, glass selection & processing, and glass integration, installation and service.

Befitting its status as one of the leading glass manufacturing companies in India, AIS is synonymous with best in class quality and service in the Indian glass industry due to its people, technology, engineering capability, manufacturing scale and skill. Listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange, AIS epitomises the highest standard of transparency, integrity and most importantly, trust – amongst its customers for whom AIS is a partner of choice, its employees and other stake holders.

Today, more than ever, AIS – India’s leading glass manufacturer, is driven to market-leading innovations providing the right blend between daylight and energy saving, visual and thermal comfort, technology and sensitivity, along with state of the art glass manufacturing plants. AIS enables an age of Green Buildings and supporting a truly sustainable future.